Why I am doing the Orange County Heart Walk

I recently sent out an email to friends and family members and thought I should share it with the people who frequent my site as well!

My friends and family members,
If you known me for more than three years, you know about my struggle with obesity. If I were to combine all the weight I’ve lost and gained over the past 11 years, you’d know I have put my health at grave risk. While I have completed my weight loss goal, losing over 140+ lbs as the picture below shows, I know that the real struggle is keeping the weight off. As someone eloquently put it, “It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.” That is why I’m doing the Orange County Heart Walk.
I am taking the pledge to live a healthier life for my heart, and so should you. Whether it’s through a monetary donation or joining our team. What is the correlation between Obesity and Heart disease? I’m glad you asked…

“Until recently the relation between obesity and coronary heart disease was viewed as indirect, ie, through covariates related to both obesity and coronary heart disease risk,12 including hypertension; dyslipidemia, particularly reductions in HDL cholesterol; and impaired glucose tolerance or non–insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. Insulin resistance and accompanying hyperinsulinemia are typically associated with these comorbidities.13 Although most of the comorbidities relating obesity to coronary artery disease increase as BMI increases, they also relate to body fat distribution. Long-term longitudinal studies, however, indicate that obesity as such not only relates to but independently predicts coronary atherosclerosis.9 14 15 This relation appears to exist for both men and women with minimal increases in BMI. In a 14-year prospective study, middle-aged women with a BMI >23 but <25 had a 50% increase in risk of nonfatal or fatal coronary heart disease,9 and men aged 40 to 65 years with a BMI >25 but <29 had a 72% increased risk.16 ” – Source: https://circ.ahajournals.org/content/96/9/3248.full

 The stark reality is that my life expectancy has been reduced for my poor eating habits, that is not me being overly dramatic, it is a simple fact. The only way to live is to appreciate each day and give thanks by taking care of my body and loved ones, encouraging them to do the same.


This is not the only cause I intend to bring awareness to. My friends and I have also started an Ontario MS-Walk team, supported crowdfunding campaigns for victims of the Colby Fire, people who are trying to get a decent education, advocated for animal rights, and much more. We call ourselves The Angry Philanthropists .
If you want to support our future Philanthropic efforts, you can donate monthly to our patreon page.
You won’t get another one of these emails, you’re not in some database. I hand picked you because, well, I’ve met you at some point in the past few years and you were memorable!
Love always,
H. Cyrus Kia
Vlogger/Blogger for The Angry Philanthropists

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