Making the best out of a bad situation

Going to make this blog entry short and sweet. Our water heater has gone onto the afterlife, or wherever water heaters go when they die…

This created additional motivation to get my ass to the gym, since my hygiene suffers if I don’t go and hit the showers.

During this unfortunate event something interesting happened, my mood improved. My added time at the gym actually made me happier. It forced me out of the house and into a more healthy environment. It really did not bother me that we had no running water at home.

I believe creating good luck can be a cumulative. For this reason I am going to experiment with finding opportunity in every experience, whether it is a request by someone for assistance, a turn of unfortunate events, or doubling down in a turn of fortunate events.

In regards to applying this to weight loss perhaps I will take people up on their offers to go to the gym with me. I often do go to the gym with someone, but there are times I like to be in my own little world, just me, the iron, and maybe the treadmill. Perhaps now I will take people up on their offer, even if I have already gone for the day.

I’m not sure, we will just have to see!